• With this conveyor you have an ouput device intended for use with a 200 Series folder/inserter. It provides a means of receiving filled envelopes and turning certain sizes through 90º in order to correctly orientate them for subsequent franking operation: this is mainly applicable to C4 envelopes, and C5 with vertical windows. Its operation is programmed within IMOS and is job-specific.

    In order to ensure the long usage of this machine and its components, and above all the safe use of the machine, you must read and adhere to the operating instructions and safety notes. Always be aware of all warnings and notes that are mounted or noted on the machine itself.

    All persons entrusted with the handling of this machine must also be familiar with the operating manual. Save this handbook carefully, so that the information it contains may be available at all times.

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03/10/2017 11:25:31
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03/14/2017 07:26:10