• The function of the INF Output Sorter is to receive mailpieces from a 200 Series inserter and direct them to two or more output paths, eg. Output Conveyors.

    An INF Conveyor can also be fitted, either in conjunction with the Output Sorter or individually, to direct mailpieces to a franker. This has the facility to turn C4 or C5 envelopes through 90º for correct franking orientation.

  • Sorter – Up to 2 Sorters can be fitted. with 3 outputs.

  • INF Turner – Delivers mailpieces to a franker and turns C4 envelopes through 90º. Can be fitted to a Sorter output, or on its own.

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03/10/2017 11:38:20
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03/14/2017 07:26:11