• The function of the INF Turner Conveyor is to receive mailpieces from a 200 Series inserter and feed them into a franker. Certain sizes of envelope (most notably C4 and C5 with vertical windows) can also be turned through 90º.

    The INF Turner can be fitted to the inserter exit, or to an exit from an Output Sorter.

  • The operation of the machine is job-specific and is programmed from within IMOS.

    The machine can be used in a number of configurations:

    • With a franking machine alone.
    • With a franking machine and feeder.
    • With a franking machine, feeder, scale and franker conveyor.
    • Any of the above with an output conveyor, either inline or angled.
    See the following page for configuration layouts.
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03/10/2017 11:38:51
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