1. Select the required Job(s) and set the Print Option to either Standard (default) or Where Used (applies only to items other than Jobs).

    2. Press Print Selected.

    3. Select the Print Depth and Detail to display/print (see following page).



      1. - Print depth Current level provides jobname, date last used and job description for selected jobs.

        - Print depth level 2 provides details only for OMR/BCR labels. If no labels are used, levels 1 and 2 are the same.

        - Print detail Basic provides a synopsis of the job parameters. All provides every detail of those parameters.

    4. If a printer is attached, Report data can be printed out. Press Print to display the printer dialogue.



        • Printed output will reflect the print depth level and print level previously set.


        Envelopes, Documents, OMR or BCR Definitions and Users are all reported similarly.

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08/24/2016 17:49:07
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