1. Using the black knob, adjust the side guide to give 1-1.5mm clearance each side of the envelope.
    2. Adjust the angle of the backrest (see below) and load the envelopes into the hopper, flaps forward, so that the lower edges follow the contour of the surface and down into the pick-up roller. Move the backrest forward (see below) so the the envelopes are fully forward, but not tightly packed.
    3. Move the backrest forward by squeezing the roller bar upwards to release the rollers from the track.
      Adjust the angle by slackening the knob each side.
      C4: Fully raised
      DL/DL+: Fully lowered

  1. Adjusting the envelope separator

    1. The separator prevents more than one envelope being fed at a time.
    2. To adjust the separator, open the side cover on the insertion head; the adjustor knob is visible below the envelope conveyor. Turning clockwise decreases the gap, anti-clockwise increases it.
    3. To set the separator gap, empty the hopper, then slide an envelope into the gap and turn the knob until the separator will just grip the envelope as you withdraw it.
    4. Close the side cover when you have finished.
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