In order for an envelope to appear in the envelope library, it must first be created.
    1. Begin creating a job.

    2. At the point where you need to select an envelope, press the Create button.
    3. Enter a name for the envelope: press the virtual keyboard icon and enter the name using either the physical or virtual keyboard.

      Select an envelope type. The default width and height for that type will then be shown. If you want to adjust the size, the type will change to ‘Custom’.

      If you want to adjust the envelope weight and flap depth, press the Edit Advanced button.
    4. Enter the paper weight of the envelope and its actual weight will automatically calculate. If you wish to enter its ac-tual weight instead, press Computed to enable the True Weight to be entered.

      Adjust the wetting rate if required. The number shown is the quantity of envelopes sealed before the pump tops up the wet-ter tank. Default is 25.

      Press the Save button when done.

      The envelope will now be available in the envelope library under the name you have given it.

The envelope is now fully defined and is available for use.
Date created:
08/23/2016 18:48:16
Last updated:
08/24/2016 23:13:26