In order for a document to appear in the document library, it must first be created.
    1. Begin creating a job.

    2. At the point where you need to select a document, press the Create New button.
    3. Enter a name for the document: press the virtual keyboard icon and enter the name using either the physical or virtual keyboard.

      Select a document type and size. The default width and height for that type will then be shown. If you want to adjust the size, the type will change to ‘Custom’.

      If you want to make further adjustments, or select a reading definition, press the Edit Advanced button.
    4. Select the address position. This defaults to ‘Top’; specify middle, bottom or none if required.
      Specify whether the document is to be folded (eg. a booklet would not be).

      Enter the paper weight of the envelope and its actual weight will automatically calculate. If you wish to enter its actual weight instead, press Computed to enable the True Weight to be entered.

      If the document uses an OMR or barcode label, select a reading definition.

      Note: this is obtained under licence as an option and must already exist on the machine.

      If the document does not use an OMR or barcode label, press the Save button, otherwise, proceed as follows.

    5. Press the Region of Interest button to specify the position of the label.

    6. Specify the posi-tion of the label and select whether edge detection is required – this detects the edge of the paper and should normally be On.


      Turn Off if coloured or densely printed paper is giving false readings: the machine will then use de-fault dimensions for label position. Press the Save button when done.

The document is now fully defined and is available for use.
Date created:
08/23/2016 18:48:16
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08/24/2016 23:13:25