If a CIS reader is fitted to a Flex Folder, it must be adjusted to align with the label, as described below
    1. On a 500-sheet hopper pod, remove both feed trays to access the CIS reader as shown.

      Slacken the knob and slide the reader as required, using the tabs. Tighten the knob.

      2. Note

        The CIS reader should be moved fully left or right, depending upon which side of the paper the label is on.

    2. On a 1000-sheet hopper pod, remove all paper from the machine and operate a single cycle to raise the tray.

      From below the tray, slacken the knob securing the cover as shown, and lift the cover out to access the CIS reader.

      Adjust the reader as described above and replace the cover.

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08/23/2016 16:33:42
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08/25/2016 19:23:27