1. The chart below lists the rate file versions that are compliant with the USPS requirement.

    Rates file versions are effective January 27th, 2019.

  2. On some mailing machine models, while loading rates or verifying rates in supervisor mode, a screen may be displayed showing a rate file version.

    Refer to the table below to confirm the latest rate file version after a rate change.

  3. Mailing Machine Model Rate File Version
    IJ25, WJ20 US1901L
    IJ35/45, IJ40/50/60 (&DOJ)

    WJ60/90, WJ65/95/110
    IJ65/75/85, IJ70, IJ80/90/110 - OLS

    WJ135/180/215,WJ150, WJ185/220/250 - OLS
    IJ65/75/85, IJ70, IJ80/90/110 - MC

    WJ135/180/215, WJ150, WJ185/220/250 - MC
    IS/IM 5000/6000 US1901B
    IS/IM 5000/6000 eRR

    (electronic Return Receipt, Purchased option)
    IS/IM 460/480/490 IN/IH 700/750 US1901D
    IS/IM 460/480/490 IN/IH 700/750  eRR

    (electronic Return Receipt, Purchased option)
    IS/IM 430/440 Plus IN/IH 600 US1901F
    IS/IM 430/440 Plus IN/IH 600 eRR

    (electronic Return Receipt, Purchased option)
    IN/IH 360  US1901P 
    IN/IH 360 eRR  US1901Q 
    IS/IM 330/350/420/440 US1901H
    IS/IM 330/350/420/440  eRR

    (electronic Return Receipt, Purchased option) 
     IS/IM CPU Retail Rates  US1901J

    IS/IM 280  US1901K
    IS/IM 280 eRR 

    (electronic Return Receipt, Purchased option)
    IS/IM 280 - A1 2013 US1901R 
    IS/IM 280 eRR - A1 2013 US1901S 
    Compatible with base software version 2.0r1.1 or higher   
    SE37/57/67 Legacy  A/B1.19 
    SE37/57/67 EC HE.080.49 

    WJS 5-10-20  NE.49

    ST77 version 3.09 

    WJS70 version H.07.1.36
Date created:
04/05/2016 16:37:34
Last updated:
05/28/2019 17:22:22
IN-750, IN-700, IS-5000, IS-490, IS-480, IN-600, IN-360, IS-6000, IS-6500, IS-460, IS-440, IS-430, IS-420, IS-380, IS-350, IS-330, IS-280, IJ-10, IJ-25, IJ-30, IJ-35, IJ-40, IJ-45, IJ-50, IJ-60, IJ-65, IJ-70, IJ-75, IJ-80, IJ-85, IJ-90, IJ-105, IJ-110, SM-22, SM-26, NeoShip, SE-37, SE-57